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We know the taste of tuna than anyone and hence we would like to deliver to our customers ensuring the freshness.

(1)The basics of the taste are the freshness of raw materials

Tuna caught by Japan's traditional catching method, which is "Longline fishing" is treated immediately after being raised from sea water. It is kept in ice and transported to the fishing port in an sufficiently cold state after taking the internal organs. During this time, It is matured while maintaining hygiene and saves "taste".

The tuna being kept at low temperature (under 5 degrees Celsius) will be delivered to the factory the next day. An expert will carefully check every single tuna regarding the body temperature, gloss / the shine of the cuticle, transparency and elasticity, as well as quality and flavor of the meat. Only those tunas passing such inspection will be received by the factory for processing.

(Image)Tuna in the ice

(2)Temperature is strictly controlled during all processing stages, and products are quickly freezed by an IQF with full

During processing, a thorough temperature control is conducted. For instance, the water used for washing the surface is cooled off below 4 degrees Celcius, the block or slice cut is put in containers cooled by ice to prevent the temperature rise during the whole manufacturing process.

At the freezing process, we use a use internal quick freezing machine with full length of 20 metres which can freeze the products down to – 30 degrees Celcius. Also, since our products are cut into pieces under 25 millimeters each, and rapid freezing to the center, ice crystal prevent the destruction of cells to the minimum level and hence being able to maintain the " sticky" flavor of fresh tuna.

Even for the packing procress where frozen products to be wrapped in to PE bags and packed in to carton boxes, the room temperature is controlled below 20 degrees Celcius. The purpose for all these is to keep the product temperature from rising during all manufacturing processes.

(Image)Internal quick freezing machine

(3)Super low temperature preservation

Processed tuna products are stored in super low temperature storage less than minus 45 degrees Celius. Tuna is inssuficient to be stored in normal cold storage store at -18 degrees Celsius, since the flesh color will be changed leading to the decrease of commercial value. Therefore, temperature control is strictly conducted daily.

* Discoloration or the change of color in tuna is because of the oxidization of protein. This progress happen quicker if the temperatre is high, but it is almost controlled at super low tempratue. That is why we keep our tunas in storage freezers below -35 degrees Celsius.

(Image)Super low temperature preservation
(Image)Super low temperature preservation

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